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About Us

Who are ProFactor?

We are a small, modern software development company formed with one purpose in mind: To improve the software development process.

Our intentions are two-fold:


We build tools to support and assist programmers in the software development process. These tools are primarily aimed at making programmers' lives easier, saving time, reducing the potential for human error, and ultimately making software development a more manageable task.

Currently available for download, we have:

  • StyleManager: A C and C++ source code formatter, available as a fully-integrated Visual Studio .NET add-in.
  • IncludeManager: An interactive C and C++ #include graph visualisation tool, available as a fully-integrated Visual Studio .NET add-in.

Please check our Products page for further details.


We offer professional services in the field of programming contract and consultancy work. Our specialities cover a wide range of aspects of development, including:

  • Rock-solid C++-based design and implementation
  • Practical application of modern programming languages, C#, Java, Python, etc.
  • Large-scale software construction and structural maintenance
  • Specialists in 3D graphics programming, DirectX, advanced shader techniques
  • Specialists in low-level performance issues and assembly languages
  • SQL Server and MySQL database implementation and maintenance
  • Web technologies, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET

Our expertise also covers build-time optimisation, both on the practical impact of different software and hardware configurations, and through our deep understanding of how code structure and inter-file dependencies influence the compiler's workload.

We offer these services with limited availability, so please contact us for further information.

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