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ProFactor Software Frequently Asked Questions



  • Some code I have doesn't seem to get restyled. Why is that?

    The most likely reason is if the code is '#if'd out. StyleManager treats your code the same way as a compiler would, so it will only restyle the parts of your file that are actual compiled code.

  • StyleManager gives me a 'statement error' on some code that looks fine. The code then restyles incorrectly. Why?

    The most common reason for this is from the use of macros in the file that StyleManager doesn't know about, which are '#define'd in a header file. This is usually solvable by enabling the 'Obtain additional paths from the IDE' option, which ensures StyleManager can find all necessary header files to parse the code.

  • Could you add feature 'X'?

    We're always looking for ways to improve our software, so please feel free to drop us a line if you have any suggestions, at We take all requests seriously, and in many cases have fast-tracked feature requests into new releases where it has been possible to do so.

  • Why does it take a long time to restyle certain files / selections?

    Unlike many of our competitors, StyleManager uses a full compiler front-end to parse the code. This means it can take quite a while to process a large body of code, but the upshot is that it can provide a more reliable restyle since it knows more about what the code means. This also applies to selection restyles: The selection only makes sense within the context of the rest of the code (for example, to determine if a function is free-standing or a class method), so the whole file will always needs parsing.

  • I can't get StyleManager to work on VS2002 / VS Express Edition.

    We've had to drop support for 2002 due to .NET1.0 compatibility issues. VS Express Edition doesn't have full support for external add-ins, so we're unlikely to ever be able to support that platform.

  • Will there be a Visual Studio 6 version?

    Unfortunately, due to the differences between earlier Visual Studio versions and the .NET versions, we are unable to create a Visual Studio 6 version.

  • Is there a command-line version of StyleManager?

    Yes - the command-line version is installed to the location you specified during installation, usually c:\Program Files\ProFactor\StyleManager\StyleManager.exe. For simple usage instructions, simply run it from a command prompt.

  • Are there any plans to port StyleManager to other platforms?

    Ports to other platforms are under consideration with us; it all depends on how much interest there is. Let us know what you think! If there's enough interest in a port to a particular platform then we'll provide one.

  • I can't find the 'restyle selection' button. Where is it?

    The Visual Studio command system is certainly a quirky beast! We've made a number of revisions to our installation process recently, so if you're having problems with missing toolbar icons then please try installing the latest version. We're fairly confident that the toolbar should be reliably updated now.

  • My StyleManager toolbar has disappeared. How do I get it back?

    Reinstalling the software should solve this problem, but failing that, a work-around for VS.NET 2003 is to open a VS command line and type 'devenv /setup'. However, this will reset all your toolbars and configurations, so we advise that you only use this as a last resort.

  • I've found problems with non-ASCII characters causing source code corruption.

    We fixed this severe problem in v1.06, so please install the most up-to-date version of the product to ensure you don't face this corruption bug.

  • The progress bar doesn't show much progress.

    We'd love to fix this, but it's actually a quite tough due to the complexity of parsing source code. The progress bar does show useful progress when restyling a whole project, however.

License System

  • My hardware has changed and now I need to re-authorise the software, but the license system says I have no licenses left. Can you reset my license please?

    If you log in to our support site you can reset your license yourself to allow it to be re-authorised. This is completely automated; the license will be reset instantly. Please note that there are a limited number of times that our system will allow automated resetting, after which you'll need to email us to reset the license. Alternatively, it is possible to download the license file directly from our support site using a normal web browser. This can be found by logging in and viewing the details of your purchase.

  • StyleManager keeps asking me to reauthorise it.

    Some users may have experienced problems with our license system when running on a virtual PC, or when changing network hardware. Our license system no longer generates licenses that are tied to specific hardware now, so we recommend that you relicense the software one more time to ensure you do not face this problem in future.

  • StyleManager says it can't contact the license server to authorise itself. How can I authorise the software?

    The license system is designed to operate through any normal firewall or NAT-based router (it uses pure HTTPS). You may find your virus checker, ad-blocker, or other system firewall may be blocking the request altogether. If you're persistenly facing such problems then please try disabling any software which might interfere with your internet connection for the duration of the authorisation process. Alternatively, it is possible to download the license file directly from our support site using a normal web browser. This can be found by logging in to our support site and viewing the details of your purchase. Failing that, email us at and we can provide instructions and a license file for manual authorisation.

  • Why do you use an activation-based licensing system?

    After some useful feedback from our customers, our licensing system is no longer activation-based. Licenses generated for recent versions of our software are not bound to specific machine hardware. Customers should find that our license files work in a quite traditional fashion, but with the added benefit of our automated license installation system. In most cases, installing the license is as simple as entering the key you receive after purchasing the software.

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