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ProFactor IncludeManager Release Notes

v1.07 (25th August 2017)

  • IncludeManager is now free to use.
  • Various bug fixes.

v1.06 (10th July 2014)

  • Added support for full release build of Visual Studio 2013.
  • Various bug fixes.

v1.05 (21st August 2013)

  • Added support for Visual Studio 2012.
  • Added support for preview build of Visual Studio 2013.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Improvements to graph rendering quality.
  • Added support for passing additional macros to the preprocessor (available in full preprocessor mode).
  • Removed legacy support for VS2003.

v1.04 (31st August 2011)

  • Added support for Visual Studio 2010.
  • Updated vcredist with latest security patch.
  • Fixed issue failing to uninstall correctly on VS2008.
  • Improved handling of inherited property sheets for include paths and macros on makefile projects.

v1.03 (22nd September 2008)

  • Added support for Visual Studio 2008.
  • Improved handling of macros and include paths:
    • Added support for VS2005 and VS2008 inherited property sheets.
    • Improved handling of build settings for multi-platform project configurations.
  • Altered token analysis statistics to account for precompiled header benefits. PCH-based includes are marked as "filename.h (pch)", and are treated as a zero-token-cost include for the purposes of build impact measurement.
  • Added support for manual control of graph cutoff points. In the options window, the "Stop at paths" option will take a list of wildcard paths, and any matches to these paths will halt the graph renderer at these points.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect update of project graphs when live-editing files.
  • Fixed issue with large graphs not being saved as separate pages properly.

v1.02 (6th December 2007)

  • Major new feature, 'File / Project Detail View':
    • View all dependency information as a tabulated list.
    • Sort the list by project, number of includers / includees per file, token counts, and build impact.
    • Total build impact shows the percentage build time that can be attributed to that file. This helps find build hotspots even for very large projects where the graph would be too big to manage.
    • Butterfly view below the main list shows includers and includees for individually selected files. This is traversable by double-clicking the include files in the two lists.
  • Added configuration-specific detection of build settings for graph generation, including:
    • Include paths
    • Macro definitions
    • Per-configuration build exclusion rules
  • Added automatic importing of include paths for Xbox 360 and other non-Win32 projects.
  • Added ability to view graphs from groups of source files, as well as groups of projects. Accessed by selecting several files in the solution browser and clicking the 'project graph' option.
  • Added option to ignore the IDE's idea of which files are compiled source files (only use the source file filter).
  • Added option to disable auto-refreshing on the graph.
  • Fixed problems with installations on Windows Vista:
    • Administrator rights are no longer necessary to run IncludeManager on Windows Vista.
    • All user data files are now stored in Documents and Settings/Application Data.
    • Existing user data is automatically imported from the old installation directory.
  • Fixed problems with trials expiring early.
  • Fixed problem saving very large graphs to a bitmap. Images are automatically split over several files where necessary.
  • Fixed several graphing problems related to including boost header files.
  • Fixed problem with #pragma once taking effect in #if 0 blocks.
  • Fixed graphing problems related to include paths with trailing backslashes.
  • Fixed problem with IncludeManager clashing with some other Visual Studio Addins.

v1.01 (25th October 2006)

  • Several new features added:
    • New 'build impact' graph. The new toolbar icon will bring up this view, showing a tree of the current file's dependencies. The estimated compiler impact of each file based on token counts is shown by the size of each file block in the graph.
    • Estimated build impact for each file is now overlaid on the include graph in the form of a 'percentage' bar. The larger the bar, the greater portion of the build each file is estimated to take. The bar also shows a secondary amount, which is the build impact that a file's dependees introduce into the build.
    • 'Fast mode' preprocessor. Enabled by default, this is many times faster than the full preprocessor. This mode is not as accurate as the full preprocessor, and may not always produce accurate build impact estimates for project graphs.
    • Cross-project include view. Select multiple projects, or the whole solution, and click the project include graph. The view will then show interdependencies between the selected projects, and will allow the view to be expanded in detail by clicking on the projects or their dependency arrows.
  • Fixed problem detecting paths to certain system includes.
  • Improved the internal file cache so graphs do not have to be recalculated so frequently.
  • Fixed a problem with the parsing of certain #if statements.
  • Fixed problem where the preprocessor could be confused by path changes in the IDE mid-process.

v1.00 (18th September 2006)

  • First public release.

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