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ProFactor IncludeManager Makes Sense

Interactive C++ Include Graph Viewer


IncludeManager - a C++ #include dependency analyser

The perfect companion for Visual C++ developers, IncludeManager helps you understand and make sense of your #include file dependencies. Probably the longest standing real-world problem with C and C++ development, it's so easy for #includes to get out of hand, leaving you with a bewildering array of header files and ever-escalating compile times.

Make sense of it all: Visualise your project with IncludeManager's powerful and fully integrated live graphing system. Use the interactive display to navigate around your code, and use the live display to instantly visualise your changes. (Full details)

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ProFactor StyleManager Your Code: Your Way.

C and C++ Source Code Formatter


StyleManager - a source code reformatter for Visual Studio

Aimed at the C and C++ languages, StyleManager raises the bar for ease of use and flexibility. Built on powerful source code parsing and analysis technology, StyleManager is capable of performing unique and complex formatting changes to source code. (Full details)

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