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ProFactor StyleManager Release Notes

v1.18 (31st August 2011)

  • StyleManager is now free to use, no license required.
  • Added support for Visual Studio 2010.
  • Updated vcredist with latest security patch.
  • Fixed issue failing to uninstall correctly on VS2008.
  • Parser and restyler bug fixes and features added:
    • Added feature to treat specified macros as if they are functions (i.e. ignore the macro definition), set with 'Function Macros' option in Options window.
    • Added rule for parameter brackets putting close bracket on its own line.
    • Fixed inner class template definition alignment.
    • Fixed issue erroneously preventing line wraps on PP tokens.

v1.17 (8th February 2010)

  • Configuration window is now multi-threaded, allowing faster and more fluid setting and checking of styles. UI no longer stalls when processing very large files.
  • New 'Restyle open files' feature, applies a restyle to every file currently open in the IDE.
  • Restyle File no longer requires clicking 'OK' if a restyle produced no changes to the original file.
  • Improved handling of inherited property sheets for include paths and macros on makefile projects.
  • Changed command line version to not write files to disk if the original file exactly matches the chosen style.
  • Restyle Selection bug fixes:
    • Now correctly handles cases where selection spans a section of a multi-line comment.
    • Fixed problems with line endings (CR/LF) occasionally being altered after Restyle Selection.
  • Parser and restyler bug fixes and features added:
    • Added options for controlling conditional operator spacing (?: clauses), found under Expressions->Conditional Operators.
    • Added options for placing function parameter brackets on separate lines to the parameter list, found under Functions->Paramter Brackets.
    • Added options for selecting word-wrap preferences around pointer operators.
    • Improved word-wrapping heuristics to handle bracketing indentations more reliably.
    • Improved handling of indentation changes on multi-line comments.
    • Fixed problem with align-at-bracket options failing if the first parameter after the bracket is a PP token.
    • Fixed bugs with function parameter default alignment option.
  • Icon artwork updated to modern style.

v1.16 (20th October 2008)

  • Added support for Visual Studio 2008.
  • Improved handling of macros and include paths:
    • Added support for VS2005 and VS2008 inherited property sheets.
    • Improved handling of build settings for multi-platform project configurations.
  • Fixed an issue with command-line version with styles in user-specified locations

v1.15 (6th December 2007)

  • Fixed problems with installations on Windows Vista:
    • Administrator rights are no longer necessary to run StyleManager on Windows Vista.
    • All user data files are now stored in Documents and Settings/Application Data.
    • Existing user data is automatically imported from the old installation directory.
  • Added a file exclude filter for the command-line client (--exclude WILDCARD).
  • Added an option to not split function definition lines.
  • Made member variables and member function optionally align independantly.
  • Word-wrapper made aware of pointer/reference rules.
  • New style of switch() {} alignment added.
  • Options for controlling comma placement in multiple inheritance and constructors added.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Some issues with macros containing nested {} resolved.
    • "*" character was being treated as multiplication operator in loop constructs.
    • Templated base classes would have their base class doubly indented.

v1.14 (11th July 2007)

  • New option - an option to set a minimum alignment column for class members.
  • Added support for 64-bit integer literals and MS extensions on template class declarations.
  • Parsing of GNU-style vararg macros now supported.
  • Installation issue fixed: installing an upgrade from v1.11 in some cases caused some system not show toolbars.
  • Parser and restyler bug fixes:
    • Fixed parse error when deriving from a templated class involving a logical or expression.
    • Fixed unknown class member error.
    • Fixed parse error in object constructors involving logical operations and scoped values.
    • Fixed issue where macros can be indented every time the file is restyled.
    • Fixed parse error in template parameters containing pointers.
    • Formatting a project no longer strips high-ascii from files.
    • Recursive #include file issue fixed.
    • Added parser support for bit-fields.

v1.13 (26th April 2007)

  • Fixed issue with nested template classes not formatting correctly.
  • Fixed issue where reformatting could lead to '< ::' being incorrectly transformed to '<::'.
  • Various constructor formatting issues resolved.
  • Bracket spacing in a variety of positions improved.
  • Single-line function definition issue resolved.
  • Line wrapping improvements.
  • Fixed local class inline functions issues.
  • Fixed parse error on templated constructors.
  • Fixed parse error with ternary operators in template typedefs.
  • Parse error on function pointer typedefs fixed.

v1.12 (26th February 2007)

  • Exception specifiers can now be formatted.
  • Support for text logs of restyle operations added.
  • Issues with UTF-16 support fixed.
  • Parser failure with logical or in templates fixed.
  • Issue where in some cases packing caused "> >" in templates become ">>" fixed.
  • Trailing semicolons on function definitions no longer format incorrectly.
  • Issues with pointers and comments fixed.
  • Issues with preprocessor commands within a declaration fixed.

v1.11 (11th October 2006)

  • New command-line client. This is installed in the StyleManager installation folder and as 'StyleManager.exe'. Run 'StyleManager.exe --help' from a command prompt for options.
  • New option to force include a file before preprocessing files. This aids restyling MFC projects. (Options/Force Include File)
  • New option to align globally defined variables and static class variables. (Global/Align Global Variables)
  • Complete new set of options for template alignment and indentation. (Templates/*)
  • Line endings in comment blocks are now consistently formatted.
  • Packing function arguments on a line now packs the brackets onto a line too.
  • Bugs in indentation fixed: extra space in type/pointer, inline constructors.
  • Bug when formatting templates with nested template parameters fixed.

v1.10 (12th September 2006)

  • Several new options added:
    • Maintain at least one space during alignment. (Global/Alignment ensures at least one space)
    • Single-line enumerations. (Enums/Single Entry)
    • Sequences of post-type pointer and CV types can be considered as part of the variable. (Pointers and References/Qualifiers)
    • Function parameter alignment. (Functions/Parameter Name Alignment)
  • Parser now recognises the undocumented MS extension '__pragma' (used in MFC code).
  • Alignment of items within macro expressions improved.
  • Fixed a bug where spaces in the include path dialog would cause include path resolution to fail.
  • User styles are automatically updated with default settings for new options.
  • Optimisations to start-up time.
  • Bugs with 'do {} while' and the "Unbalanced" brace positioning fixed.

v1.09 (14th August 2006)

  • Syntax colouring added to the Style Chooser.
  • Added options to force statements and declarations to start on a new line.
  • Added option to control spacing around semicolons.
  • Predefined macros from the IDE are now taken into account when preprocessing files. This behaviour can be modified in the options window where additional StyleManager-only macros can also be defined.
  • Improved Restyle progess bars.
  • Changed license system: Product authorisation is now independent of machine hardware. Users experiencing problems after a hardware change are advised to reauthorise the software once more, after which the license will be permanent and will not require any further reauthorising.

v1.08 (14th July 2006)

  • New style choice to configure how empty functions are formatted.
  • Added support for different line-endings. Previously StyleManager would always use '\n' line endings but now the line endings are configurable to either preserve the existing line endings, or use Windows (\r\n) or UNIX (\n) line endings. To configure this setting, go to the StyleManager general options pane - the default setting is to preserve line endings.
  • StyleManager's preprocessor updated to support non-standard macro extensions such as empty parameters, and passing less parameters than expected.
  • Changed the way if/else formatting is performed - should now format if/else and especially "} else if (...)" cases much better.
  • Fixed a bug where in some circumstances the statement 'a(b());' would be incorrectly interpreted as a declaration.
  • Added a new configuration option for the spacing in C-style casts.
  • Fixed bug where upgrading from v1.04 on Visual Studio 2003 would leave 'Restyle Selection' unavailable.
  • Fixed uninstallation issue where the StyleManager toolbar would occasionally be left behind on Visual Studio 2005.
  • Added option for specifying a separate directory to store user-defined styles outside the main style catalogue.

v1.07 (5th June 2006)

  • Fixed high-order ASCII interpretation bug that would occur with some included files, leading to 'unmatched #endif' error message.
  • Fix for macro invocations interpreting whitespace as a parameter, causing errors on legitimate usage.
  • Changed macro parameter count mismatch from an error to a warning, in line with Visual C++'s behaviour.
  • Improved error reporting for preprocessor failures.
  • Licensing system updated to interoperate with VMWare. Customers who were previously getting an 'Invalid License' when running with VMWare installed should no longer suffer from this problem. In some cases a new license may need to be requested, simply re-enter your authorization code when requested. If you have difficulties doing this, please log into the user area at and reset your license, or contact ProFactor support.
  • Fixed bug where in some cases a successful license installation would crash the IDE.

v1.06 (5th May 2006)

  • Fix for 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object' problem, caused by missing expressions in preprocessor directives from including certain ATL headers.
  • Fixed source corruption bug that would occur when restyling code that included multi-byte characters.
  • Updated installer to allow uninstalling the StyleManager toolbar without resetting the rest of the IDE state.

v1.05 (20th March 2006)

  • New feature added: Restyle Selection. Allows users to restyle only the selected region of a source file.
  • Added a new option to format function call comma spacing (Functions: Call Spacing).
  • Added the option to format function definitions with no spaces between parameters and commas.
  • Made file and selection restyles only open a progress window if they take longer than 2 seconds to perform. The progress window auto-closes if no problems were encountered.
  • Added StyleManager submenu to the Tools menu.
  • Fixed a visibility issue with the license window.

v1.04 (30th January 2006)

  • Fixed #if conditional issues with unsigned and long integer literals.
  • Fixed a rare crash bug on exiting .NET.
  • Fixed bugs in Restyle Project form - 'Miscellaneous Files' (files open in .NET but not in the projects) are no longer processed while processing a solution.
  • Various optimisations to increase speed, particularly when using the 'Obtain additional paths from the IDE' option.
  • Added options to set the spacing of semicolons within for(;;) statements.

v1.03 (2nd December 2005)

  • Added full support for evaluation of expressions in #if/#elif preprocessor statements.
  • Addressed rare thread-related UI issues in the progress window.
  • Added support for comma-separated paths in the .NET IDE.
  • Added support for CLR 1.1-style managed extensions for C++.

v1.02 (18th November 2005)

  • Added supprt for Visual Studio .NET 2005
  • Improved cooperation with Visual Studio's read-only file management options.
  • Added support for batch processing several selected projects as a single operation.
  • Added support for batch processing the solution.
  • Added the option to import all include paths from the IDE for more accurate parsing. Improves compatibility with macro-based code at the expense of parser performance.
  • Support for "#pragma once" added.

v1.01 (3rd October 2005)

  • Both single-underscored (e.g. _declspec) and double-underscored (__declspec) Microsoft extensions are now supported.
  • The Microsoft extension 'class __declspec(...) Foo {' is now supported.
  • Fixed issue where variables prefixed with type names (e.g. 'int long123;') wouldn't parse correctly.
  • Fixed problem with periodic pauses in the Visual Studio IDE.
  • Bug with adding spaces around pointers fixed.
  • Fixed context menu problems with preview window.
  • Fixed keyboard controls in the style customizer.
  • Fixed issue with brace positions set to 'same line' in conjunction with 'force statements to start on new line'.
  • Fixed issue with if statements' scoping rules and interactions with 'else if ()' constructs.
  • 'return' is now treated as a statement from the point of view of statement spacing.
  • Added support for aligning variable initialisers at the '=' character and at the initialiser value, see Functions tab - Declaration Alignment.
  • Improved indentation algorithm for brackets - a newline directly after an open bracket no longer causes the indentation to fail.
  • Fixed problems with the toolbar going missing.

v1.00 (14th September 2005)

  • First public release.

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