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StyleManager Screenshots

The StyleManager Toolbar

This is the StyleManager toolbar, providing easy access to StyleManager's commands. The 'Restyle File' icon is highlighted here, and if clicked will trigger a restyle of the current file viewed in Visual Studio's editor.

StyleManager's toolbar integrates into Visual Studio

The Style Chooser

Here we've opened the Style Chooser. It has automatically imported the current file being viewed in the editor, so we can see how our style changes will affect our own code.

StyleManager has an interactive style chooser

The animation shows us first switching from Ellemtel style to ProFactor style, which has very different formatting rules.

Next we decide that we'd like class inheritance lists to hang one line down from the class name. A single click updates the style, and we can see the change appear immediately in the previewer.

After that we decide we'd like class members to tabulate with member names aligned. Again, a single click makes the change, and we see the changes in the previewer.

Now that we're happy with our changes, we save this as a new style, here named 'My New Style':

StyleManager supports saving your own style for later reuse

Our new style appears in the Style Catalog, and can be accessed in future by simply clicking on its name.

The Options Window

Also accessible from the StyleManager toolbar, the options window provides control over user preferences such as your preferred editor tab settings, and what file extensions you use for your C and C++ source files.

StyleManager is packed with useful options

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